Why Dr.Vivasayam Papaya?

Immense research & Experience

Extensive research and experience culminated in the remarkable achievement of AUSECOWELL - Ecosynk Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. After years of dedicated research and development, they have successfully developed superior varieties of papaya, significantly enhancing their quality to meet world-class standards.

Strongest PRS Virus Tolerance

The biggest threat to papaya cultivation is PRSV(Papaya Ring Spot Virus) This Virus is found worldwide, Out of immense research we developed the strongest papaya verities. All our papaya verities (Greenberry, Iceberry) are very powerful against PRSV, 10 times stronger than any other verities, and the world's strongest papaya.

Delicious Fruit

These papayas stand out with their delightful 15-16% Brix (sugar) level, soothing red color, gentle aroma, and fine texture, making them a top choice for customers. Its exceptional quality not only satisfies consumers but also allows vendors to command higher market prices, boosting their profits.

Higher Yield

Due to longer tree life 18 to 22 months these papaya produce superior yield and higher number of fruits than other verities.


It has a Strong outer shell suitable for long-distance transportation, and extensive keeping quality makes it more durable for marketing and export.

World's Best

Above all characteristics make it profitable and satisfying for farmers, merchants and end customers from everywhere except these are the most successful and World's Best Papaya.