Dr.Plant Warrior - Smart Plant Protector-250 ml

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  • Introducing Dr.Plant Warrior, a biological product with naturally organized ingredients.
  • It serves as a smart protector for mites, thrips, and sucking pests, including aphids, leafhoppers, whiteflies, flies, and bugs.
  • By strengthening crop/plant resistance, it enhances the health and vigor of plants, supports balanced hormonal regulation, and significantly improves yield quality.
  • Experience the benefits of Dr. Plant Warrior in field and horticulture crops for robust pest protection and superior crop development.
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Dr.Plant Warrior - Smart Plant Protector

  • Smart Protector for Mites, Thrips, Sucking Pest - Sucking pests include Aphids, Leafhoppers, Whiteflies, Flies, Bugs
  • Dr.Plant Warrior is a biological product with naturally organized ingredients that can be strengthening crop/plant resistance against different pests in almost all field & horticulture crops.
  • Dr.Plant Warrior increases the health and vigor of plants/crops.
  • Dr.Plant Warrior supports the excellent development of plants by maintaining the physiological system that regulates the plant's hormones
  • in balance.
    Dr.Plant Warrior significantly improves the quality of the yields.
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Guidance to use

  • Shake well before use; dissolve in minimal water at first; then, for the greatest impact, spray a sufficient quantity of water over the crop.
  • When spraying plants, it is important to ensure that the entire plant is wetted with the solution, including both the top and bottom of the leaves.
  • This helps to ensure that the spray reaches all of the pests that may be present on the plant.

Chilli, Tomato, Bhendi, Mango, Cotton, Pulses, Grape, Citrus, Lime, Sweet, Orange, Melons, and Other Vegetables.

Bacterial Extract 2% w/v
Maize Kernal Extract 25% w/v
Ascophllum Extract 2% w/v
Protein Hydrolysates 5% w/v
Fillers & Others 66% w/v
Total: 100%

  • 1 Litre water - 2 ml / 250 ml of Control per 1 Acre.
  • Mix 2 ml of Dr. Plant Warrior per liter of water and mix the recommended amount of Spreader and spray the entire plant thoroughly.

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